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Pre-season my Flat Top
What is the actual width, in inches, of the cooking area of your stove (left to right)?
What is the actual depth, in inches, of the cooking area of your stove (front to back)?
We require an actual photo of your cooktop or grill to help us identify the best layout of your Custom Flat Top and avoid any potential fitment issues. If the photo is of an outdoor grill, please be sure to have the lid lifted so we can see the cooking grates.
Please tell us what kind of cooktop your custom Flat Top will be used on.
Please describe any special instructions or preferences you have on this order. Steelmade will follow them as closely as possible but it may be necessary to modify the requests based on their professional judgement to ensure safe and proper performance on your cooktop or if they directly contradict stated manufacturing processes. PLEASE DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS IN THIS FIELD. Use the chat button at the bottom right or email our support team at info@steelmadeusa.com to get answers to questions before placing your order.
I have read the support article linked below that instructs how to measure my stove correctly. I agree that the dimensions I have provided are accurate for my range/cooktop/grill and understand that these are reference dimensions only and do not represent the final size of the custom Flat Top. I have read and understand the support article linked below regarding drain hole placement and acknowledge that drain hole placement is at the sole discretion of Steelmade for safe and proper performance. I have noted any special requests or preferences in the Customer Notes and understand that Steelmade will follow them as closely as possible but it may be necessary to modify the requests based on their professional judgement to ensure safe and proper performance on my cooktop. I understand that because of the volume and complexity of custom orders that design proofs are not provided before production. I understand that Custom Flat Tops carry a Lifetime Warranty but because these items are custom built for each customer to unique specifications they cannot be returned or exchanged. I understand standard production times are 4 weeks but that there is no guarantee on delivery dates for custom products and that orders may not be cancelled after submission. I understand that the photos shown on this product page are for marketing and illustrative purposes and are not representative of my actual final design. I understand that if I fail to respond to emails or phone calls regarding this order within 1 week that it will be completed according to the best judgement of Steelmade or cancelled and refunded at their sole discretion.
I hereby pinky promise I actually read and understand the terms and conditions statement above and did not just check the box without reading it.

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Custom Flat Tops for indoor cooktops AND outdoor grills!

Do you have a non-standard stove or grill that our original Flat Top won't fit? No worries - we offer custom sizes too!

Please use the customization form above to submit the information for your custom Flat Top. After we receive your order we will contact you via email to confirm the details and get additional information if we need it. If you don't hear from us requesting additional details - don't worry! That just means we have all the information we need to complete the order.

If your cooking area is not rectangular we may contact you for additional measurements to create a custom shape to fit your stove.



Custom Flat Tops carry a Lifetime Warranty but because these items are custom built for each customer to their specifications they cannot be returned or exchanged.

Custom Flat Tops are made out of the same 3/16” material as our standard Flat Tops. Please note that custom orders are not available in 3/8” PRO Series steel. 

The maximum sizing available is 36" x 24".

We work hard to make sure that custom orders are produced as quickly as possible. A projected shipping date is shown above. However, this is only an estimate and unfortunately sometimes it may take longer. There are many steps in the custom fabrication process that can create problems. Delays are not common but it's the nature of custom products that they do happen sometimes. We make no guarantees on delivery dates for custom products, only that we will get them shipped as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience!

How to Measure

Click here to learn how to measure your stove or grill for a custom Flat Top.

Drain Hole Placement

It's obvious that custom Flat Tops may differ in appearance from our standard Flat Tops. For example, depending on your stove's design it may be necessary to position the drain holes in a different location to function correctly. We have designed custom Flat Tops for hundreds of different stoves so we've got a lot of experience about what works best for each one.

If you have questions about your drain layout please contact our customer support team prior to placing your order. Please note that drain hole placement is carefully selected for safe and proper performance using very specific criteria by our design team and the location cannot be customized or modified. It is possible, however, to request no drain holes or drip tray with your custom order.

Click here to learn more about drain hole placement.

Custom Cover Boards

Matching Cover Boards are now available for your custom Flat Top! They can be ordered at the same time as your Flat Top or any time in the future. Production time is approximately 3 weeks. You can purchase yours today by visiting the Cover Board product page and using the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select "Custom". We will match your order information with the correct dimensions on our end for a guaranteed perfect fit with your custom Flat Top.

Custom Engraving Now Available!

We are excited to announce that customizable laser engraving is now available for Cover Boards. To get your new Cover Board engraved please visit this link and select the size board you are ordering. This will display a number of designs that can be customized with your personal info entered on the product page. Custom Engraving must be purchased at the same time as your Cover Board.

Custom Storage Sleeve

Storage Sleeves are now available for your custom Flat Top! If you would like to store your Flat Top out of the way in a cabinet or closet the Storage Sleeve is the perfect option for keeping your cooktop safe and clean. To order, visit the Storage Sleeve product page and select "Custom". We will reference your custom Flat Top design and our seamstress will create a sleeve with the perfect fit for your custom order. 


It doesn't matter how messy your meal was, you'll be amazed how quick and easy it is to clean your Flat Top. No elbow grease and no special cleaners are needed and it really does take just a couple of minutes.

As soon as you're done cooking while the Flat Top is still hot add some water across the surface.

The hot water will steam clean away any stubborn bits of food that may be stuck on the surface.

Use a food scraper to clean the entire surface, directing the contents into the drain holes. Leave the heat on the stove to completely dry the Flat Top.

Apply a thin coat of Flat Top Oil (or oil of your choice) to the entire surface of the Flat Top to protect it from moisture and leave it ready for the next meal.