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Food tastes better on a Steelmade

The reviews are in and customers agree: food just tastes better on a Flat Top. The most important part of the flavor comes from the unique seasoning layer that builds up on the Flat Top with use. Not only does this create a naturally non-stick cooking surface it also adds to the flavor of any food. The more you use it, the better it gets! The unique design of the front lip also allows for important airflow that will keep food from getting soggy while cooking - something that can't be duplicated in pans and skillets.

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Food cooks faster on a Steelmade

We use super-thick 3/16" steel on all of our standard Flat Tops that is over 50% thicker than a Blackstone Griddle and nearly 4x thicker than typical pans or skillets. This larger thermal mass puts more heat into the food in less time for better sears and quicker cooking.

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Easy to store in place

Our popular Cover Boards are competition-quality cutting boards available in Maple or Walnut custom manufactured to fit securely on top of the Flat Top. This provides an attractive cover for storing when not in use and doubles as an extra large prep space when cooking!

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2 Minute Clean-UP

The Flat Top is simply the easiest piece of cookware to clean - period. Right after you're done cooking you just pour a cup of water on the Flat Top and it steam cleans the surface in seconds with no soap or scrubbing required. Even the biggest meals can be cleaned up in under 2 minutes!

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Stock Steelmade Flat Tops are designed to fit and function properly on common 30" Range Cooktops - the kind of floor-standing unit you find with an oven below the stove. Please use the collections below to locate the kind of cooktop you have to browse the various Flat Top models available for it.

Do you have an in-counter cooktop instead of a floor-standing range? Don't worry! We offer Custom Flat Top designs that will fit your stove perfectly - just select "Flat Top for In-Counter Cooktop" below to get started.
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The average American dines out 5.9 times per week and according to BLS data, the average household spends about $3,500 on eating out every year, or just shy of $300 per month.

That means, in less than 30 days of cooking at home, your Steelmade Flat Top will have paid for itself - and then some!


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Not sure which Flat Top you should buy? Send a photo of your kitchen stove or outdoor grill to our Customer Care Team and a Fitment Specialist will let you know which of our products will work best. Click below to get started!

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Does Made in America Matter?

From food safety to product quality you get what you pay for when you choose American products.

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