Griddle Upgrade for Blackstone

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Built Better with Superior Materials

We've heard the cries from customers looking for a replacement for the warped, damaged, or underperforming griddle that originally came with their Blackstone Grill. Steelmade Cookware is excited to offer a product that is not merely a replacement, but a huge upgrade in performance, durability, and longevity. All of this PLUS it's made in America with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Replacement Griddles for Blackstone Grills with Rear Grease Management System
  • Made from 3/16" American Steel
  • Integrated grease management uses original Blackstone grease cup
  • Mild Steel construction seasons just like cast iron (ships unseasoned)
  • Stitch-welded angle iron reinforced bottom prevents warping



Blackstone has several different versions and models of grills on the market and specifications often vary from model to model even when the griddles are marked as the same width (28" vs 36"). To ensure compatibility with your grill, please carefully review the product specifications shown in the "Compatibility" info tab or in the photo gallery and compare that with the original griddle that came with your Blackstone.

Steelmade Aftermarket Griddles are precision manufactured to fit perfectly in place of your original Blackstone Griddle with Rear Grease Management and retains all of the features including compatibility with the existing drip tray system. It matches the dimensions and specifications of the original - it's just built better with superior materials.


To ensure proper fitment on your existing Blackstone Grill, please refer to the specification sheets below and compare the measurements with your original griddle. There may be small variances of up to 1/16" of an inch between measurements due to Blackstone manufacturing tolerances. If you have any questions please reach out to our customer support team via chat or email at for assistance.

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*Note the 22" Blackstone does not include the small bottom supports sold on the original Blackstone griddle. The 3/16" material we use is 50% thicker than the 1/8" material used on the original and because of the smaller size of the griddle and much thicker steel these additional supports are not necessary.


Durability and Performance

The original Blackstone griddle is manufactured from 1/8" steel that is 50% thinner than Steelmade Aftermarket Griddles manufactured using 3/16" thick American steel. This huge difference in steel thickness provides more even heating, faster cooking, and greater durability compared to the original Blackstone griddle.

The other difference lies in the quality of the metal used. American steel is subjected to rigorous testing and safety standards to certify the ingredients used to make it whereas Chinese metal is not subjected to any testing or certification standards. This lack of testing creates huge variability in the quality and performance of imported steel products. Since Steelmade Cookware uses only American Steel you can be assured you're getting the best possible product.

Steelmade Aftermarket Griddles are reinforced on the bottom side using 3 pieces of 1/8" thick angle iron running the width of the griddle using strong stitch welds compared to the small tack welds offered on the original Blackstone griddle. These small tack welds are often poorly executed during manufacturing and are usually the first thing to break allowing the thin steel of the original Blackstone griddle to warp. Photos of actual Blackstone welds compared to Steelmade welds are shown below:

The 2x thicker steel and stitch welded reinforcements of Steelmade Aftermarket Griddles create added strength that virtually eliminates the warping problem that plagues many Blackstone users.


Steelmade Cookware is part of a small minority of cookware brands that exclusively use American Steel and labor to manufacture their products. American Steel costs more than foreign steel because it is subjected to rigorous testing and safety standards to certify the ingredients used to make it. China produces nearly 50% of the world’s steel supply but is not subject to any testing requirements. Chinese steel is so much cheaper because it is simply an inferior product that sometimes includes ingredients that may make it more affordable to produce but dangerous to prepare food on.


All Steelmade Griddles are media blasted to bare metal with a smooth, lightly textured finish similar to cast iron and shipped with a coating of food safe mineral oil to protect from corrosion. Customers complete the seasoning process in a few easy steps by heating the griddle to medium heat and applying their choice of oil depending on their preference and dietary needs. Common choices of oil included canola, avocado, flaxseed, or just common vegetable oil. The seasoning process provides a naturally non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning simple and easy while also protecting the steel from rust.