Flat Top Cover Board


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Which Flat Top Size Are You Buying For? See Sizing Guide below for actual board dimensions.

The Flat Top Cover Board might be the next favorite thing in your kitchen. This clever product is a unique sidekick to the Flat Top that makes working in kitchens of any size more efficient - and more fun!

PLEASE NOTE: The dimensions shown above are for the Flat Top Griddle the wooden Cover Board is designed to fit on and do not reflect the actual dimensions of the wooden Cover Board itself. Please refer to the "Sizing Guide" tab below for actual board dimensions.

Custom Engraving Now Available!

We are excited to announce that customizable laser engraving is now available for Cover Boards. To get your new Cover Board engraved please visit this link and select the size board you are ordering. This will display a number of designs that can be customized with your personal info entered on the product page. Custom Engraving must be purchased at the same time as your Cover Board.

Flat Top Cover

If you're anything like us then the Flat Top may never leave your stove. Until now, there hasn't been a convenient way to cover the surface to prevent dust and hair from spoiling your clean Flat Top between meals. The Cover Board is custom built to cover the entire surface of your Flat Top.

A special U-shaped groove is cut into the bottom of the board to line up perfectly with the walls of the Flat Top for a secure fit.

The depth of the groove is cut to leave a 1/4" inch gap between the cooking surface of the Flat Top and the bottom of the Cover Board to make sure each side is kept clean by preventing the two surfaces from touching.

Extra Counter Space

Do you ever wish you had extra counter space when baking? With the Cover Board in place you have an extra-large work area right by the oven. You just can't ever have enough prep space, and since the Cover Board is also a competition-quality cutting board you can work right on top of it.

Flat Top Storage

Sometimes the Flat Top just isn't the right tool for the job. If you have to take the Flat Top off of the stove it can be a challenge to find an out-of-the-way place to store it. That chore just got a lot easier with the Cover Board. Now you can simply set the Flat Top anywhere on your counter and place the Cover Board on top to regain that lost prep space. Since the Cover Board is also a competition-quality cutting board you can slice and dice right on top of it.

Competition-Quality Cutting Board

We've hand-picked the finest wood craftsmen to produce the Cover Board using a combination of traditional techniques and state-of-the-art computer controlled manufacturing. Their attention to detail and state-of-the-art manufacturing is highlighted in the design of the Cover Board. The Cover Board is the perfect sidekick for any meal made on the Flat Top. You'll never know how you got by without it!

Cleaning the Cover Board

We won't pretend to give better advice in the kitchen than the Pioneer Woman herself. Here's an excellent article she wrote on how she cares for her large cutting boards. Check it out here!

Cover Board Maintenance

We recommend quick and easy maintenance at least once monthly using our Cover Board Care Kit.

To download a copy of the Cover Board instructions, click here.

HDPE Options

We're excited to announce a new HDPE version of our popular Cover Boards. This product is made from food-grade High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) Plastic to create a more affordable alternative to the more expensive wood options.

The HDPE Cover Boards provide a clean, modern aesthetic and feature a lightly textured white surface. HDPE is an excellent material for cutting boards because of its high impact strength, low moisture absorption, and strong chemical and corrosion resistance. HDPE cutting boards will not dull knives like wood or glass and are FDA/USDA compliant and are even dishwasher safe!

Sizing Guide

Standard Cover Board 30" x 22" - Fits Standard Flat Top 18-1/2 x 27"

Junior Cover Board 21" x 22" - Fits Junior Flat Top 18 x 18"

Slim Cover Board 12-1/2" X 22" - Fits Slim Flat Top 11 x 18"


PRO Series - Please note that the Cover Boards are compatible with both standards and PRO Series versions of each Flat Top size.

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