Outdoor Cooking Base




If you've ever wished you could take your beloved indoor Flat Top outside to cook on, then this is the product you've been waiting for! The Outdoor Cooking Base is a heavy-duty stand with an integrated high output propane burner that evenly heats your Flat Top to quickly prepare your favorite meals outside.

  • The base is constructed from 14 gauge American Steel - over 2x thicker than competing cooktops from other manufacturers.
  • The burner is made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Steel components and burner feature a Lifetime Warranty
  • Hand-oiled finish is easy to maintain and never cracks or peels
  • Requires Full Size Indoor Flat Top for use (not included)
  • Includes removable 18 oz high capacity stainless steel drip tray
  • Connects to standard 20lb propane tank
  • Made in Kansas using American Steel


27-3/4" long x 20" wide x 7-1/2" tall (minus legs)

29-1/2" tall (with legs attached)

Drip Tray Capacity - 18 oz



Click here to view a list of Flat Tops compatible with the Outdoor Cooking Base


Click here to view a PDF copy of the instruction booklet


Can I store the Flat Top outdoors with my Cooking Base?

We do not recommend storing the Flat Top outdoors. To protect the cooktop from rust or corrosion we recommend storing the Flat Top indoors in a cool, dry location.

How do you control the cooking temperature?

The Cooking Base uses a single large "H" shaped burner to provide even heating. Cooking temperature is controlled by using the needle valve on the propane regulator to increase or decrease the flow of propane gas. Once you set the temperature where you want it you can leave the needle valve in that position and you won't have to adjust it again. For example, if you find opening the valve 1/2 way gives you a cooking temperature of 400 degrees you can leave it in that position from then on to achieve consistent and repeatable temperatures each time you cook.

Why is there no automatic ignition system on the Cooking Base

Automatic ignitors are the number one source of failure on outdoor grills. Because of the easy access to the burners with the design of the Cooking Base we opted for a foolproof manual lighting that works every time. Also, automatic ignitors are made exclusively overseas these days and we wanted to use as many American components as possible.

Will the Cooking Base rust?

The Cooking Base is made of mild steel that left untreated will begin to rust over time when exposed to moisture or humidity. To prevent this, the steel is coated in a layer of linseed oil. This oil coating is naturally hydrophobic and prevents moisture from contacting the steel to inhibit the formation of rust. When heated, this oil will oxidize and "bake" into the steel. This is the same process that is used when seasoning your Flat Top. Additional coats of linseed oil are easy and quick to apply to provide lasting protection that will never peel or crack like paint or powder coating. We also provide a weatherproof cover for the Cooking Base to provide additional protection.

Can the unit be plumbed to use natural gas?

The burner is compatible with both propane and natural gas. For additional information and to order the necessary components you can contact the burner manufacturer directly at www.easyfirepits.com