Scrub + Oil Bundle

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Purchase our popular Flat Top Scrub and Oil in this convenient discounted bundle to keep your Flat Top performing at its best!

Flat Top Scrub

Our Flat Top Scrub is made from all-natural minerals for removing stubborn food from your Flat Top after particularly messy meals. Create a simple paste by combining equal amounts of Scrub and water directly on your Flat Top and scour with a paper towel or kitchen cloth. For best results, use the Scrub right after you're finished cooking while the Flat Top is still warm. Apply a coat of Flat Top Oil when you're done to keep the non-stick coating intact and prevent any moisture damage.

Flat Top Oil

Our Flat Top Oil is the perfect way to keep your Flat Top looking and performing its best. We use the finest food-safe oil made from safe all-natural ingredients.

Apply a small amount to your Flat Top after each use after cleaning while it is still warm to repair any damage to the coating that may occur during cooking to keep the non-stick surface intact and prevent moisture damage. 

8 oz bottle