Steelmade Cookware Seasoning Conditioner


Treat your Steelmade Cookware the right way with our Steelmade Cookware Seasoning Conditioner. Our seasoning conditioner creates a nonstick seasoning layer that makes cooking and cleanup of your Flat Top easy while also protecting it from rust, moisture and other elements.

    • Large 8oz jar of Oil + Wax 
    • A blend of beeswax, grapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. 
    • Using only the highest quality ingredients, our oil and wax blend allows for seasoning at high temperatures 
    • Ideal for keeping your Flat Top non-stick and rust-free.

After each Steelmade cooking experience clean the cooking surface then use a paper towel or cloth to spread a thin layer evenly across the surface and let it burn off as the Flat Top cools.