Board Wipes

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Steelmade recommends a quick, simple and easy maintenance routine to protect and prolong the life of your Steelmade Cover Board.

Use Steelmade Board Wipes first. The oil from the wipes is absorbed into the grain, nourishing and preserving the board and restoring lost moisture. At least once per month, wipe down with a Steelmade Board Wipe and allow to fully penetrate overnight. 

Use Steelmade Wood Oil + Wax as a second step to lock restored moisture in and leave a silky barrier against future drying, bleaching and cracking. Apply an even coat of Wood Oil + Wax to the entire wood surface using a cloth or paper towel. Allow to fully penetrate overnight. Wipe away excess.

Both Steelmade Board Wipes and Oil + Wax Cream are food safe and great for use on all types of wooden boards, utensils and more.

  • 50ct Board Wipes per container

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