Patriotic Cutting Board


Wood Type

Patriotic Cutting Boards are proudly built in Kansas using locally-sourced American maple and walnut face grain boards. These boards measure 13" x 18" and look stunning in any kitchen.

Support Veterans

When you purchase one of our limited-run Patriotic Cutting Boards, you are supporting our troops as they return home from Afghanistan. $15 of every board purchased goes directly to Soldiers' Angels, a charity whose mission is "to provide aid, comfort, and resources to military, veterans, and their families."


Engravings are created using a high-powered laser which burns the design into the wood. Getting this burn mark wet or scrubbing it will cause the engraving to lighten. To prevent this, we suggest using the blank side of the Cutting Board - not only to preserve your beautiful engraving, but also because it's easier to clean!


Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges on engraved products. If you purchase an engraved Cutting Board as part of a larger order, you may return the other items for a partial refund that excludes the cost of the engraved board.